Montreal Nightlife

The Montreal Nightlife Guide

A Quick Guide to Montreal’s Nightlife

Montreal is a city with a fantastic nightlife. Whether you enjoy a trendy jazz club, a quite cocktail area, or club hopping from one hotspot to another, you will find it all in Montreal’s awesome nightlife. In fact, Montreal was ranked the world’s number two party city in the world, after Belgrade, according to the Lonely Planet’s 2009 guide. Montreal’s laissez-faire (live and let live) attitude makes it a joyous city on any night, but also a relatively safe city. The following is the Montreal nightlife guide.

Parties from Thursday To Sunday

Montreal’s nightlife peaks between Thursday and Sunday. But there is always something going on in Montreal on any night. Montreal’s nightlife starts on Thursdays with the traditional cinq a sept, which is basically a time to unwind from 5p.m. to 7p.m. This is the time when many office workers pack up the local bars and celebrate the arrival of the weekend. The party then continues over to bars, cafes, pubs, restaurants, live music venues, and dance clubs well into the night. Saturday is the day when Montreal’s nightlife explodes with many night time activities. And if it’s a long weenend, where Monday is a holiday, then the party continues onto Sunday as well.

Clubs and After-hour Clubs in Montreal

Montreal’s night time activities start, and end later than in most North American cities. Last call is at 3a.m., so many clubs and bars don’t get packed until well after 11p.m. Clubs and bars are usually at their peak capacity around 1a.m. There are also many after-hour clubs available for people who wish to continue the party after 3a.m.

Nightlife Strips in Montreal

There are various nightlife strips in Montreal with some of the most popular streets being rue Crescent, boulevard St. Laurent, rue St. Denis and rue Ste. Catherine. You will find most of Montreal’s top clubs and bars on one of these streets. If you are Since Montreal’s streets are relatively safe at night, you do not need to worry about safety at night in Montreal. The main reason why Montreal’s streets are so safe at night is because there are so many people partying in the streets of Montreal.

Admission Price to Montreal’s clubs and bars

It will cost you anywhere from C$5 to C$25 to get into any one of Montreal’s night time hotspots. Many bars and clubs also charge a cover, and the price of a drink will vary depending on the establishment. The price of a drink can range from C$5 to C$10. Remember that the legal drinking age in Montreal and the province of Quebec is 18.

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